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Massage -The most effective way to use essential oils is massage. The solution prepare immediately before use. You may mix 15 ml. plant oil – jojoba, almond, olive or other carry oil with 7-8 drops essential oil for complete curse of massage.

Mix for bath – 5- 10 drops of chrysanthemum oil with one or two tea spoon oil of almond end one soup spoon of milk in the bath. You can sink in the water for 15-20 min and don`t wash the body with soap for lasting effect of bath

Inhalation- Fall 3-4 drops of chrysanthemum essential oil in bowl with 1 liter boil water and inhale the fumes about 10-15 min. It is most effective for steam bath of the face. This oil calm the irritable and red skin.

Compress- 2 drops of essential oil in 0.5 liter cool water. When you suffer from headache, migraine, sprains mix cool water, ice cubes and one soap spoon olive oil and 2 drops chrysanthemum essential oil. Plunge the clean towel, squeeze it and put on the desirable place. Use warm water if you have muscle or menstrual pain. The compress covers with towel to keep it warm.

Information for safety:

Never apply essential oils directly on skin always mix with carrier oils like almond, olive, jojoba and others.

Do not take the essential oils inside.

Keep way from children

Do not use from children up to 2 years, pregnant suckling women, epilepsy, high pressure and asthma.

Storage: In dark, well closed glass packing. Do not expose on direct sunlight. Use up to one year after opening.

1ml =20 drops

5ml = 1 tea spoon