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About ECO Herbal Industry Ltd

Organic agriculture aims to provide everyone a good quality of life food and other products. Our farm chooses to develop organic agriculture because it most corresponds with our philosophy of life we love the nature and appreciate it resources. It is proved that organic product influence usefully over people. Using 100% pure organic products without chemical and pesticides usefully over people gave health and energy for everyone.
Organic essential oils are produced from plants that are grown in accordance with organic agriculture standards. Bulgaria is country rich with medicinal plants.
The climate is suitable to occupy worth herbals. Bulgaria is one of the country biological varieties with much rare sorts. Our essential oil production is based on traditional Bulgarian know-how, combined with classical steam distillation equipment and methodology.High quality of production is our motive to distill herbs on atmospheric pressure. Than we save aromatic of our oils and hydrosols. We put accent on quality then quantity.
Our mission to save the nature through organic methods of production. We are new farm in Middle part of Bulgaria. At this moment we are occupied 2ha different aromatic herbs on organic way.
Our sertificiant organ is Balkan Biocert LTD, which is a partner with FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture,
Switzerland), IMO (Institute for Marketecology,Switzerland). From 2010 year crop we provide a organic production.  Our am is to be reliable and responsible partner to our clients.
We accept our work like a mission.

Sertifikat Tanacetum